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Why to Recover?

  • Used lead-acid batteries are hazardous waste.
  • Lead-acid battery contains 2-3 liters of sulfuric acid & lead, both of which are toxic.
  • Lead is a cumulative poison in our bodies and is also harmful to fish, animals and plants.
  • In India more than eighty thousand tons of lead-acid batteries are finished with each year.
  •  In India more than eighty thousand tons of lead-acid batteries are finished with each year.
  • By recovering, we conserve natural resources.
  • This simple action decreases greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Ultimately we reduce waste, energy use, transportation needs, and deforestation.

Benefits of Battery Recovering

  • Recovering saves raw materials.
  • Recovering reduces impact on climate change.
  • Recovering creates jobs.
  • Recovering helps us toward sustainable living.
  • Recovering saves environment.

Sun-C Battery Services


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Regeneration Systems

Sun-C is one of the leading companies in battery recovering and regeneration. Apart from business we are very dedicated to save our earth from batteries hazardous waste. We have recovered over 10000 batteries and still counting. We are one and the only company which offer 2-3 times extra more life to the UPS battery than warranty period of battery.

Our prime objective is to provide customer with 100% battery backup, increasing battery life 2-3 times more. Decrease battery disposal, by promoting battery regeneration and recovering.

We offer an exclusive service of battery regeneration in all over INDIA. Our service allows to extend the life of industrial batteries, a fact that involves an economic saving and energy saving. See more about our Battery Regeneration service.

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