Sun-C Battery Services

Other Say "Replace", we say "Recover"


Why to Recover?

  • Used lead-acid batteries are hazardous waste.
  • Lead-acid battery contains 2-3 liters of sulfuric acid & lead, both of which are toxic.
  • Lead is a cumulative poison in our bodies and is also harmful to fish, animals and plants.
  • In India more than eighty thousand tons of lead-acid batteries are finished with each year.
  • By recovering, we conserve natural resources.
  • This simple action decreases greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Ultimately we reduce waste, energy use, transportation needs, and deforestation.

Benefits of Battery Recovering

  • Recovering saves raw materials.
  • Recovering reduces impact on climate change.
  • Recovering creates jobs.
  • Recovering helps us toward sustainable living.
  • Recovering saves environment.

We recover all battery types, anywhere in the India

Sun-C's easy-to-use regeneration kits, smart recovering systems, and comprehensive services are specially designed to make battery regeneration easy and hassle-free as much as possible, helping you to keep environment clean.
Sun-C maintains all applicable state and federal certifications, a professional-level of environmental expertise, and the recovering know-how needed to remain in complete compliance with all applicable environmental laws.
Throughout our many years in the battery regeneration and recovering business, we’ve implemented and refined fully-managed battery recovering systems for many corporations, organizations, municipalities, and government agencies throughout the India

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